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Will The Next Heavily Anticipated Lebanon – Israel War Begin Under Trump?

This article was jointly written by Muhammad Ali Carter & Kamran Zerhbend.   Since the last major military conflict in Lebanon, world powers have been fighting a vicious tug-of-war for domination of Lebanon’s politics. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the most obvious players who have competed for the prize in a game which has to […]

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Marines Get the Shaft

Government approved VA presumptive health care for Camp Lejeune veterans (and their dependents) but made no provision for presumptive disability compensation payment. Veterans out of work with cancers from Lejeune’s water wells are left to their own r…

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Seems like it’s time to take the protein pill again and strap on the brain bucket. When we become Veterans, it is to be assumed we have finished our commitment to preserving America’s freedom. We then pass that torch on to the next generation. What, then, do you make of it when your own Commander-in Chief […]

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Shutdown’s Impact on VA Examined at House Hearing

Today, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee held a hearing that examined the impacts of a federal government shutdown on benefits and services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, who was the only witness at the hearing, provided testimony detailing the latest impacts of the shutdown on the VA and […]

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