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The Real Commie Candidate? The FBI’s Secret Romney Files – Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Editor’s note:  The FBI has taken quite an interest in VT as the war on Google’s attempt to control the alternative media, in fact all media.  Nothing is true that Google and the Jigsaw “academics” says isn’t true and will be blocked.  This process is being implemented right now. The article […]

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Invading North Korea…? – Veterans Today

…by Christopher Kelly for Veterans Today   The first, though unstated, rule of American foreign policy since World War II has been…”DON’T START WORLD WAR III”.  Judged by this admittedly low bar, every occupant of the White House from Truman to Obama has succeeded.  JFK came the closest to failing with the 1962 Cuban Missile […]

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Netanyahu says Israel won’t allow Iran military presence in Syria – Veterans Today

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held talks with the Russian defense minister in East Jerusalem al-Quds, saying Tel Aviv will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria. “The meeting mostly dealt with Iran’s attempt to establish itself militarily in Syria,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement on Tuesday. “Prime Minister Netanyahu […]

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